1994 – dir. Kaveh Tehrani, 2010

date: 01/08/2011, time: 18:30, place: The Silver Star Cinema, film program: in the short run, artistic program: films

NO | 2010 | colour | 29 min
reż|dir Kaveh Tehrani pro|pro Norwegian Film Institute sce|sc Kaveh Tehrani zdj|ph Jens Ramborg muz|mus Nicholas Sillitoe mon|ed Christian Siebenherz ob|cast Aziz Khayati, Nahid Ruhi, Mehdi Shadidi dys|dis Babusjka AS

An Iranian family comes to Norway and Lillehammer during the early 90s. The family is welcomed with open arms by a population preparing for the ’94 Winter Olympics. But once the games end and the city turns back to its old self, people are no longer as friendly as they seemed. 1994 is a dark comedy about xenophobia, culture and how to cope in a new country. (source: Krakow FF)

Krakow Film Festival – Best  International Short
Krakow Film Festival – FIPRESCI award
Norwegian Short Film Festival – Honorable Mention
Minimalen Short Film Festival – Best Norwegia Short

DIRECTOR | Kaveh Tehrani (1978)
Born in Teheran. Graduated from University of Oslo – faculty in film- and comparative literature. He has also studied at the European Film College in Denmark. He has been nominated for two Norwegian Grammys for video of the year, a prize he won in 2008.