01_Viaggio in Italia-Viaggio in Italia

We invite you to follow the steps of Italian artists. From 30th of July to 7th of August we will be accompanied by the slogan „Viaggio In Italia.” „Journey to Italy” is the title of a film by Roberto Rossellini, one of the main creators of the Italian neorealism.


This year’s edition of Two Riversides will be opened by the Polish premiere of “The Kid With A Bike,” the newest film by the Dardenne brothers, for which they received the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival.


Films selected at the most important festivals round the world: Venice, San Sebastian, Rotterdam, Berlin, Cannes, Transilvania, Riga, Portoroz, Ljubljana, Black Nights, Bratislava – and the ones held in Poland: Koszalin, Gdynia, Kraków.


New, interesting trend that we do not know so well –  “mockumentaries” – films which use the form of a documentary film to tell stories that are not always real… Among them also films from the so-called “found footage” trend.

05 muzyka-moja miłość - music-my love

The aim of this section is to show natural relationships between music and film. We present music films and films about music, sometimes we also screen concert footage as well. A holiday of music and film together with a festival-opening event.


A review of new, often premiere short-length films. This section comprises of awarded shorts from international festivals and the best short, professional Polish films from the previous season.


This time amateurs and students will compete with professionals and film school graduates. It is the most important change that the Programme Division have decided to introduce into the Contest rules.

08_02_I Bóg stworzył aktora

Actor’s retrospective. Our guest will be Zbigniew Zamachowski, who is turning 50 in 2011. A remarkable theatre and film actor, an exquisite song interpreter and a great pianist, poet and composer.


Their aim is to familiarise the viewers with prominent directors whose output had or is having a key influence on the directions of world cinematography. The protagonists of this year will be Roberto Rossellini and Andrzej Kondratiuk.


Encouraging viewers to deeper reflection on important events of the world cinema, we have planned several thematic cycles. The protagonists of this year will be Grzegorz Królikiewicz, Leonardo Sciascia, Liliana Cavani and Pablo Larrain.


Unticketed shows which extensively promote outstanding film productions. Wonderful pictures which were only distributed in a few copies. This is our idea for what is worth saving from the last season.









The screenings which are organised in the Janowiec Castle and Puławy , presenting films that are valuable and renown, but do not represent the so-called mainstream cinematic art.

13_krótkie do kin - shorts to cinemas

Continuing the old custom of presenting short forms before the full length films, we have planned a series that is to bring this tradition back. We will present feature shorts, animations and experimental films.


Two Riversides’ the most important and only jury is the audience. Films which take part in the Poll are ones from the World Under Canvas and Documentary sections and feature film premieres from other sections produced in 2010 and 2011.


It is a particular form of our special guests’ meeting with the festival audience. The artists talk about their fascination with art, artistic sins and craft secrets.



Meetings with remarkable creators of film, art and literature from around the world. The festival town and the fact that the it takes place in the open air lets our audience mix holidays with broadening their knowledge and making international connections.








17_koncerty - concerts

Presentation of artists from Poland and abroad, performers of classical, jazz, film, electro-acoustic and alternative music.


Each year, we organise exhibitions of local artists in cooperation with the College of Fine Arts, the Vistula Museum, and the Klimaty Gallery (Mięćmierz village).


20_Dwa Brzegi młodego widza - Two Riversides for children

A new section of the festival, aiming to express our programme’s rebellion against the infantilisation of children’s movies. Rebellion against cinemas’ lack of great movies about young people and addressed to young people.


Shows of The National Audovisual Institute: How to make a movie (Piotr Stasik, 2011), Cult Off Cinema (Andrzej Wolf , 2010), Piotr Anderszewski plays Schumann (Bruno Monsaingeon, 2010), Art on screen (Przemysław Fik, 2010), Grotowski – Flaszen (Małgorzata Dziewulska, 2010).

The cycle will present events which complete the program of the remaining festival sections: theatre and music performances, happenings, and Television Theatre screenings.