4 SCORES | 4 PARTYTURY – vernissage of Janusz Kobyliński’s photography exhibition

date: 06/08/2011, time: 17:00, place: Mięćmierz, artistic program: exhibitions

| KLIMATY Gallery in the barn | free | the exhibition will be open to public viewing until the 3rd of September 2011


Janusz Kobyliński’s photography exhibition. The pictures form a unique accomplishment, without any precedent in the photography of nature or cityscapes. They are 100% original photographs recorded on film at the moment of shutter release.

Janusz Kobyliński: “Once I heard the opinion of a well-known musician, that the best improvisations are those are thought out and precisely prepared beforehand. Then the emotions of plaing live add unexpected vibrations. My SCORES – compositions of time and space are born in exactly the same way. What fascinates me in the SCORES is the clash of my creation with the matter of the cityscape, a work of another creator. In split seconds I create a new reality, which seems to have been precisely planned before. With unchanging emotions, astounded, I then watch the joints points of contact…”

Janusz Kobyliński – Photography artist, teacher. Since 1982 member of ZPAF (Union of Polish Art Photographers). In the 80s he worked with the „Paris Match” magazine, for which he made photo-reports from the two visits of Pope John Paul II to Poland. He runs the first Internet School of Photography in Poland and a Documentary and Reportage workshop at the School of Art and Design in Łódź. He was awarded the Honorary Diploma of ZPAF (photo-reportage “Zawał”/“Heart Attack”). He has realised over a dozen of individual and group exhibitions. He took part in a world exhibition organised for 150 years of photography (World Council of Professional Photographers | Kodak), exhibited in over 100 countries. Since 1986 he has been realising his own project called “The Scores.”