Dying Everyday | Morir cada día – dir. Aitor Echeverria, 2010

date: 03/08/2011, time: 14:15, place: The Silver Star Cinema, film program: independent short films competition, artistic program: films

SP | 2010 | colour | 13 min
reż|dir Aitor Echeverría pro|pro Roger Amigó sce|sc Anna Espinach, Aitor Echeverría zdj|ph Pau Castejón mon|ed Sergi Dies ob|cast dys|dis Andrea Trepat, Joaquin Climent, Paula Vives, Blanca Apilánez, Txema Blanco dis|dys Marvin & Wayne

Blanca is not willing to let her family enjoy a quiet dinner. The conversation is boring and she is irritated by the same old jokes. She knows that things could be different.

DIRECTOR Aitor Echeverría (1977)
Born in Barcelona. Degree in cinematography by the ESCAC (Catalonia Cinema School). Focused his professional activities on cinematography, working in productions such a documentaries, commercials, music videos, short film.