And God Created Loneliness | I Bóg stworzył samotność – dir. Grzegorz Dębowski, 2010

date: 31/07/2011, time: 13:45, place: The Silver Star Cinema, film program: independent short films competition, artistic program: films

PL | 2010 | colour | 19 min
reż|dir Grzegorz Dębowski pro|pro Grzegorz Dębowski PWSTviT scen|wr Grzegorz Dębowski zdj|ph Yori Fabian, Grzegorz Dębowski mon|ed Bogusław Furga ob|cast Błażej Mazanek, Anna Mazanek, Jan Mazanek, Ignacy Kurkowski

Błażej is a church organist. He lives with his parents. But deep inside he misses his other half. He decides to attend a course of seduction.

DIRECTOR Grzegorz Dębowski (1987)
Student at the Faculty Directing of Film School in Łódź. Author of feature and documentary shorts and music videos. Distinguished in literary contest.