Mobile Cinema of Dreams | Kiniarze z Kalkuty – dir. Andrzej Fidyk, 1998

date: 05/08/2011, time: 11:00, place: The Silver Star Cinema, film program: in the short run, artistic program: films

PL, DE | 1998 | colour | 59 min
dir | Andrzej Fidyk pro | Andrzej Fidyk, Besta Film, E-Motion Picture wr | Andrzej Fidyk ph | Mikołaj Nestorowicz  ed | Jan Mikołaj Mironowicz dis | TVP

Mr. Mama, who after thirty years of work abandoned his hairdresser saloon, droves along with the touring cinema of Mr. Battu. Mr. Mama is 80 years old, and is convinced, that after his death touring cinema will disappear, murdered by television. Nevertheless Mr. Battu doesn’t share his opinion. He is convinced, that the driving cinema in India will last forever, because millions of people living there in small villages can’t afford a television set. Mr. Battu from Calcutta is on owner of one of 2 thousands touring cinemas, mostly showing films produced in India. He earns money, but at the same fulfills his mission: to change peoples lifes for the better. 

1998 Strasbourg, European Documentary Week – Grand Prix
1998 Amsterdam, Documentary FF – Audience Award
1999 San Francisco IDFF – Golden Spire
2001 Athens IDFF E- PHOS – Best Documentary