CINEMA LESSON – Andrzej Fidyk

date: 05/08/2011, time: 12:15, place: The Silver Star Cinema, artistic program: cinema lesson

One of the most important European documentary directors. Graduated from Department of Foreign Trade at the Warsaw School of Economics. He started working in television in 1980. Since 1982 worked in Reportage and Documentary Editorial Office. In 1966 became chief editor of Documentary Office in Polish Television. Created “Time for Documentary”, a tv program awarded with the “Viktor Prize” (twice, in 1988 and 2002), as well as other programs: “Eyes Wide Open”, “Time for Controversial Documentary”, “Watch it with Andrzej Fidyk”. Lecturer at the Silesian University in Katowice. Winner of many festivals, member of European Film Academy. Fidyk’s most widely acclaimed documentaries are: “The President”, “North Korea: The Parade”, and “Dream in Teheran”, as well as BBC films: “The Devil in Moscow”, “The Russian Striptease” and “Mobile Cinema of Dreams”. 

Cinema Lesson is accompanied by film screening:

Mobile Cinema of Dreams | Kiniarze z Kalkuty – date: 05/08/2011, time: 11:00, place: The Silver Star Cinema