Letter from Argentina | List z Argentyny – dir. Grzegorz Pacek, 1997

date: 01/08/2011, time: 16:15, place: The Silver Star Cinema, film program: mockumentaries, artistic program: films

PL | 1997 | colour | 54 min
reż|dir Grzegorz Pacek pro|pro Jarosław Mazur, TVP, Maur Film sce|sc Grzegorz Pacek zdj|ph Jarosław Mazur mon|ed Jarosław Kamiński dys|dis TVP

Grzegorz Pacek styles his search for Gombrowicz’s illegitimate son in Argentina, mentioned in his “Diaries”, after mystifications the writer was so famous for. The search is run by Franco de Peña. Old friends remember ‘Old Man’ and the wonderful atmosphere of those times. Eventually de Peña manages to find the son Gombrowicz allegedly had with a Mulatto maid. The son turns out to be a taxi driver, according to some friends of Gombrowicz’s very similar to his father …

1998 Krakow FF – award in category Screenplay for Grzegorz Pacek

DIRECTOR | Grzegorz Pacek (1965)
Feature and documentary films director, writer, actor. Studied at Environmental Engineering Department at The Warsaw Polytechnic. In 1955 graduated from Directing Department at Łódź Film School.