L’Amore | L’Amore – dir. Roberto Rossellini, 1948

date: 04/08/2011, time: 13:45, place: The Silver Star Cinema, film program: retrospective of Robert Rossellini, artistic program: films
film program: Viaggio in Italia,

IT | 1948 | b&w | 69 min
dir | Roberto Rossellini pro | Roberto Rossellini wr | Jean Cocteau, Federico Fellini, Roberto Rossellini ph | Jean Bourgoin, Robert Juillard, Otello Martelli, Claude Renoir, Aldo Tonti mus | Renzo Rossellini ed | Eraldo Da Roma cast | Anna Magnani, Sylvia Bataille, Federico Fellini

“L’Amore” is a kind of homage to the acting art of Anna Magnani, that Rossellini has paid his that time partner. The movie was composed of two short independent segments, both designed to fully display acting possibilities of a rising star. First segment, entitled “The Human Voice” is an adaptation of a one-act play by Jean Cocteau, where Magnani plays daringly a part of a wife, that is suspecting her husband of having an affair. The second segment, scandalous “Miracle”, is a story about a simple-minded girl, who believes that she has met Saint Joseph as a handsome vagabond (Federico Fellini).

Magnani’s outstanding melodramatic talent has won to receive recognition of film critics in Italy and United States, where it was awarded in category Best Actress (Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists) and Best Foreign-language Movie (New York Film Critics Circle Awards).