Bajk | Motur – dir. Marcin Ściegliński, 2010

date: 31/07/2011, time: 13:45, place: The Silver Star Cinema, film program: independent short films competition, artistic program: films

PL | 2011 | colour
reż|dir Marcin Ściegliński pro|pro PWSTviT sce|sc Marcin Ściegliński zdj|ph Marcin Ściegliński

Bajk is a story about three different people from a small village searching their own place to live. The relationship between growing up son and his father became questionable after boy’s mother had died. When Kasia the Village Beauty appears she changes everything and brings new value in to father and son’s relationship.

2011 Lodzia po Wisle Festival (Warsaw) – cinematography prize

DIRECTOR Marcin Ściegliński
Cinematography student at Film School in Łódź. Awarded for the cinematography for his film Bajk. He realized film Chopin Project and a school spectacle Ekwus. Takes part in organizing film workshops for school youth. Author of spots and visual advertising.