Double Life of Miss Kierat, The | Podwójne życie Kieratówny – dir. Piotr Kielar, 1997

date: 01/08/2011, time: 16:15, place: The Silver Star Cinema, film program: mockumentaries, artistic program: films

PL | 1997 | 26 min
reż|dir Piotr Kielar pro|pro Andrzej Fizyk, Studio Filmowe Everest sce|sc Piotr Kielar zdj|ph Jacek Łechtański, Andrzej Wojciechowski muz|mus Dariusz Gzyra mon|ed Monika Zawadzka ob|cast Joanna Traczyńska, Jolanta Traczyńska, Barbara Kielar, Mirosława Izydorczyk, Henryk Dąbrowski, Henryk Kluba, Zofia Wilczyńska dys|dis TVP

An ironic picture of petty-bourgeois family pressures on fragile and maladjusted individual, set in communist era. Asia is very different than her twin Basia. She speaks very little, does not know what she wants, doesn’t dream about a car or managerial position and thus is about to become a spinster. The family tries its best to marry her off. Confronted with the possible candidates, Asia turns to mysticism and considers joining the Order. The pressure builds up in the family.

1998 Berlin Prix Europa – Young Europa Award for Piotr Kielar

DIRECTOR | Piotr Kielar (1968)
Director, writer, cameraman and actor. 1993 graduated from Theater Studies at PWST in Warsaw, and than Directing at Łódź Film School. Owner of a production company Life Time Productions. Cooperates with TVP Kultura, where -along with Xawery Żuławski – Kielar is a director of The Alternative Sphere, a program presenting independent music bands, theater and performance.