Art on screen – Bagiński, Tyszko, Koszałka | Sztuka Ekranowana – Bagiński, Tyszko, Koszałka – dir. Przemysław Fik, 2010

date: 04/08/2011, time: 16:30, place: Cinema in Puławy, film program: NAI, artistic program: films

PL | 2010 | colour | 55 min
dir | Przemysław Fik pro | Jolanta Florczyk-Fik wr | Przemysław Fik ph | Paweł Labe ed | Krzysztof Gustyn, Przemysław Fik cast | Tomasz Bagiński, Andrzej Tyszko, Marcin Koszałka

“Art on screen” is a series of 3 episodes of the cultural program and brings a closer look at some major artists. The program is prepared in the studio. An essential part of each episode is an interview with its hero, who tells about his life and works. Tomasz Bagiński talks about computer animation, Andrew Tyszko describes his photographic experience, and the documentary filmmaker and cameraman Marcin Koszałka sketches the autobiographical background of his films.