!Women Art Revolution – A Secret History – dir. Lynn Hershman Leeson, 2010

date: 05/08/2011, time: 18:45, place: The Silver Star Cinema, film program: world under canvas, artistic program: films
film program: the audience poll,

USA | 2010 | colour | 83 min
dir | Lynn Hershman-Leeson pro | Lynn Hershman-Leeson wr | Lynn Hershman-Leeson ph | Hiro Narita, Antonio Rossi, Fawn Yacker, Lise Swenson, Lynn Hershman mus | Carrie Brownstein ed | Jesse Spencer cast | Lynn Hershman-Leeson Films Transi

For over forty years, excellent media artist Lynn Hershman Leeson has collected hundreds of hours of interviews with visionary artists, historians, curators and critics who shaped the beliefs and values of the Feminist Art Movement and reveal previously undocumented strategies used to integrate women into art structures. “!Women Art Revolution” elaborates the relationship of the Feminist Art Movement to the 1960s anti-war and civil rights movements and explains how historical eventssparked the first of many feminist actions against major cultural institutions. The film details major developments in women’s art from Judy Chicago to Guerilla Girls and Mirandy July, including the first feminist art education programs, political organizations and protests, alternative art spaces, publications and landmark exhibitions, performances, and installations of public art that changed the entire direction of art.

DIRECTOR | Lynn Hershman Leeson (1941)
American artist and filmmaker, who pioneered site specific, performance and interactive media. She was honored by the Digital Art Museum in Berlin with the d.velop digital art award (d.daa), the most distinguished honor for lifetime achievement in the field of new media. Among other awards she has also received The Alfred P. Sloan Film Prize for writing and directing Teknolust, and in 2006, the International Association of Digital Arts award for “innovative storytelling,” Zero One Prize for “Media that Matters” and a Creative Capital Grant for her documentary, !Women Art Revolution. In 2009, she became a Guggenheim Foundation Fellow and received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Siggraph. Hershman Leeson wrote, directed and produced the feature films Teknolust, Conceiving Ada and Strange Culture, in addition to 14 other films and shorts. Her artwork is held in numerous collections, including at the Museum of Modern Art (New York).