Forgotten Silver – dir. Peter Jackson, Costa Botes, 1995

date: 03/08/2011, time: 20:30, place: The Silver Star Cinema, film program: mockumentaries, artistic program: films

NZ | 1995 | colour | 53 min
reż|dir Costa Botes, Peter Jackson  pro|pro Sue Rogers Wing Nut Films sce|sc Costa Botes, Peter Jackson zdj|ph Alun Bollinger, Gerry Vasbenter muz|mus Duncan Davidson, David Donaldson, Plan 9, Steve Roche, Janet Roddick mon|ed Eric De Beus, Michael Horton ob|cast Jeffrey Thomas, Costa Botes, Marguerite Hurst, Peter Jackson dys|dis New Zealand Film Commission

When New Zealand celebrated the centenary of the birth of cinema by an appeal to citizens to seek old amateur and professional footage, Peter Jackson and Costa Botes proclaimed that their find far exceeded all expectations. On 8th November of 1995, New Zealand TV screened “Forgotten Silver” – film “documenting” the discovery of a completely forgotten figure of great creativity and pioneer of world cinema, Colin McKenzie. Interviews with local celebrities, movie specialists, and even the  McKenzie’s widow as well as other procedures typical of a biographical document are interspersed with an account of Jackson and Botesa’s expedition into the New Zealand bush, in search of photo locations to McKenzie’s magnum opus, silent film called “Salome “. The intention of the creators of “Forgotten Silver” was not misleading the public, as there are numerous hints as to the real status of the movie. However, after the premiere there were many voices of outraged viewers who believed in the newly-recovered genius of cinema.

1996 New Zealand Film and TV Awards – TV Award in category Best Director for Peter Jackson Costa Botes

DIRECTOR | Peter Jackson (1961)
Film director, producer, actor, and screenwriter, known for his “Lord of the Rings”. He won international attention early in his career with his “splatstick” horror comedies such as “Bad Taste” and “Braindead”, before coming to mainstream prominence with “Heavenly Creatures”, for which he won Academy Award nomination.

DIRECTOR | Costa Botes (1958)
A New Zealand writer, director and cinematographer. Botes is best known in New Zealand for “Forgotten Silver” (1995), a documentary he co-wrote and co-directed with Peter Jackson. In 1988 his short film, “Stalin’s Sickle”, won the Grand Jury Prize at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, in France.