In The Shadows of Casablanca (dir. Bolesław Sulik, Malgosha Gago, 2009) – documentary film

date: 06/08/2011, time: 18:30, place: Mięćmierz, artistic program: meetings

| KLIMATY Gallery in the barn | free

A documentary telling the story of a Polish intelligence officer who organised an espionage network in the whole of northern Africa. By doing so, he provided the Allies with information that was of fundamental importance in defeating the German army by the allied forces in Africa during World War II.


History sometimes forgets important facts. Such as, that if it wasn’t for porridge, the fate of the World War II could have changed. Or that the Operation Torch – the landing of the Allies in the North Africa – succeeded thanks to one man. Or if Rick really had his bar in Casablanca, that man could have been his neighbor. A spy. A Pole. Mieczyslaw Slowikowski. History forgot about him even though if it wasn’t for him, the world’s fate could have been completely different.

Powrót do Casablanki | Les Ombres de Casblanca | In The Shadows of Casablanca – dir. Bolesław Sulik, Malgosha Gago, 2009